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Longhorn dispersal 18th August 2018
Shorthorn Dispersal 31st October, 2009
Shorthorn photographs
Pictures of Shorthorn herd dispersed at Worcester Market on 31st October 2009

Suffolk Sheep

We cross many of our Wiltshire Horn ewes with Suffolk rams, with some Suffolk ewes going to Wiltshire Horn rams.   Both crosses produce finished lambs with the ewe lambs  making smart speckle faced breeding ewes (see photographs below). These, with a second cross of Wiltshire, will make a good breeding flock requiring no shearing. The best ewes are bred pure to produce eight or ten shearling rams a year for regular local farmer cusomers.
We have avoided going down modern route of breeding sheep with huge heads and excessive bone which our customers don't require. To this end we have sourced our most recent stud rams from Robyn Hume, which are 50% New Zealand blood and one also carries the double muscling gene (see picture below). Their lambs have bred exceedingly well in local commercial flocks. One ram buyer has won the cup for the best Suffolk sired lambs at Rugby market Christmas Show and also topped Rugby Market with Suffolk x Mule ewe lambs by our rams.
Pleased to report that many of our shearling rams sell at home by "word of mouth".   Some go to breeding sales at Worcester Market and it was gratifying that, in 2014, two previous buyers came back to Worcester for more.
In 2016 we sold three Suffolk shearlings at 420gns each at Worcester Market, a price which would have been the envy of many breeders of Continental breeds and then sold another four to the under bidder.   The latter has already booked more for 2017.

50% NZ 2-shear ram (3rd from right) with his first crop shearling rams

Lambs sired by our NZ bred Suffolk rams from Wiltshire Horn ewes

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