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Longhorn dispersal 18th August 2018
Shorthorn Dispersal 31st October, 2009
Shorthorn photographs
Pictures of Shorthorn herd dispersed at Worcester Market on 31st October 2009

2015 News

14th October 2015

A busy Autumn, culminating in a farm visit as part of the Longhorn Cattle Society's Annual General Meeting Weekend on Sunday. 11th October.   Our cattle receiving very complimentary comments from the 90 or so visitors.   We took the opportunity, being the oldest privately owned herd in the Herd Book, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the herd.   At the AGM the day before, our junior bull, Gentons 007 James Bond, owned jointly with the breeder, Bertie Facon, and shown by us throughout the season was crowned Bull of the Year.   Bertie and John are seen holding the trophy at the AGM and James Bond is in the middle of the group of heifers in the third photograph above.

Although we normally sell the Oxford Down rams as shearlings, all 5 have been snapped up as lambs.   Dare we say that the breed seems on the cusp of a revival?   There certainly seems to be more interest in the breed again.

All the Wiltshire yearling ewes and rams have been sold, some ewe lambs and a few ram lambs that we are keeping for shearlings, we could sell if anyone wants lambs this Autumn.

The Wiltshire x Suffolk and Suffolk x Wiltshire finished lams have sold extremely well considering the generally depressed lamb trade.   They seem to be what the market wants and are easy to keep and finish at the weights the buyers prefer.

10th August, 2015

Burwarton Show

GORSE VIOLET, our yearling heifer did it again at Burwarton Show last Thursday, 6th August, winning her class and a fourth breed championship.   Paired with GENTONS 007 JAMES BOND, owned jointly with Bertie Facon, they won the Pairs Class, GENTONS 007 JAMES BOND having won the Bull Any Age class.

3rd August 2015

Royal Welsh Show

Bull class R Welsh


Yrlg hfrs R Welsh 2015

The show season rolls on with the Royal Welsh behind us and several one day shows to come.   It was good to see the breeder, Bertie Facon, from whom we bought a half share in the yearling bull GENTONS 007 JAMES BOND, having come to see his bull at both The Three Counties and the National Show held at the Cheshire Show, managed to find time in his busy schedule to make the journey to The Royal Welsh.   This show provided us with a win in the Yearling Heifer class (GORSE VIOLET) and two seconds, GENTONS 007 JAMES BOND - Bull any Age - and GORSE ULRIKA - Two Year Old Heifer.  GENTONS 007 JAMES BOND and GORSE VIOLET won Reserve Male and Reserve Female respectively.

15th July 2015

Hanbury Show

Hanbury Show on 4th July was another success for our cattle.   We took one yearling heifer GORSE VIOLA, leaving VIOLET  at home, and she won the Yearling class and Breed Championship.   GENTONS 007 JAMES BOND won the Bull any age class and was also made Reserve Breed Champion.

25th June 2015

Kenilworth and District Agricultural Society's on farm beef competitions

Nice to receive the placings in the Kenilworth and District Agricultural Society's on farm beef competitions and a good result for us and the breed.

1st   JS & JW Brigg   Longhorn
2nd   Gordon Robson   Beef Shorthorn
3rd   Wallace McCurdie   Blonde
4th   JWG Dalby & Sons   Hereford

Cheshire Show

GORSE VIOLET.   What a star she is.   Following three Breed Championships, Shropshire, Royal Bath and West and Royal Three Counties together with Reserve Native Interbreed at the latter, she caught another judge's eye at the National Longhorn Show, held this year within the Cheshire Show winning a very strong yearling heifer class and taking the Junior Female trophy and Reserve Junior Championship to the ultimate Breed Champion.   The rest of our team were by no means disgraced.   GENTONS 007 JAMES BOND, jointly owned with the breeder, Bertie Facon, placed second in a class of twelve yearling bulls, won by the subsequent male and breed champion.   GORSE ULRIKA third in the Senior Heifer and GORSE VIOLA third to VIOLET in the Junior Heifers both classes of eight.   A great thrill to receive our rosettes awarded in the yearling heifer class from the President of the show, Her Royal Highness, the Countess of Wessex and, later, to receive the Fishwick Shield for the Best Junior Heifer from the judge, Clive Roads pictured above.     

15th June 2015

The Royal Three Counties was our most successful show ever.   GORSE VIOLET continued her run of successes taking the Yearling Heifer class, Female and Breed Championships making it three shows and three breed championships on the trot.   Our new junior stock bull GENTONS 007 JAMES BOND, which we own jointly with the breeder, Bertie Facon, won the bull class, Male and Reserve Breed Championships.   VIOLET, with GORSE VIOLA, won the pairs class and capped it all on the second day by taking Reserve spot in the Native Inter Breed Championship.  

31st May 2015

Gorse Violet

Gorse Herd line, Bath & West 2015

Following the success last weekend at Shropshire Show, GORSE VIOLET won her second Breed Championship in a week at The Royal Bath and West Show on Wednesday.   Although, as a yearling heifer, she was too young for serious consideration in the Inter Breed Championship it was most gratifying that the judge singled both her and the Hereford champion out for special mention among the "also rans".   It was also most pleasing that our line was awarded 6th prize in the Beef Cattle Presentation competition from over a hundred exhibitors. 

24th May 2015

Gorse Violet

Got off to a good start to the show season, winning the Heifer Any Age class at the Shropshire Show on 23rd May with the yearling Gorse Violet pictured above.   Violet then went on to win the Female and Breed Championships.

1st January 2015

A busy Autumn with our sheep.   After sending 50 Wiltshire Horn shearling ewes North in the Spring to start a new flock in Scotland, we have now sent 25 flock ewes and 50 ewe lambs together with two unrelated rams to join them.
Although we only keep ten Oxford Down ewes now, we have sold two ewe lambs and a ram to start a new flock in Berkshire.   The buyers also intend to use the ram on their commercial flock so any feed back will be useful both to us and to the breed society.   We have also exported a shearling ram to a new buyer in Switzerland to go with ewes bought from two other leading flocks.    To move the flock forward, we bought a new stud ram at Kelso from Mr Lamb's FLEETHAM flock that his family have kept Seahouses on the Northumberland coast since 1934 making it the oldest flock in the UK.   This will make genetics from this fine and well respected flock more readily available to breeders in the South.
The Longhorns are all safely in their winter quarters and enjoying the bumper crops of excellent quality silage that we harvested this year.   We have 10 yearling steers that will be sold at Worcester in February/March and we also have a number of females for the Society Spring Sale at Worcester on 25th April and for sale privately at home.

14th September 2014

Congratulations to Tudur Jones who won the Oxford Down breed championship at Anglesey Show, having previously taken the reserve spot at the Royal Welsh with this 2 year old ewe that was bred here and which Tudur bought from us as a lamb.

Our showing season ended on a high at Frome yesterday.   Our yearling heifer, GORSE USEFUL, a prolific class winner over the season and winner of several reserve championships, finally made the top spot being made Breed Champion.   We also won the Senior Heifer class with GORSE TIGER LILY, which had won the same class at Hanbury earlier in the season and the Calf class with GORSE VICTORIA.

1st September 2014

USEFUL and UMBRELLA have won a third pairs class, this time at Burwarton Show, with USEFUL winning the yearling heifer and reserve breed championship at Monmouthshire.

1st August 2014

Hanbury Show yielded two first prizes, GORSE QUESNELIA and her calf GORSE VICTORIA in the cow class with GORSE TIGER LILY winning the Senior Heifer.   Our two yearling heifers, GORSE USEFUL  and GORSE UMBRELLA stood second and third in their class and went on to win the Pairs as they had at the Three Counties.    With haymaking now completed, these cattle will be going to a few more shows in the next two months.
Although we don't show sheep much nowadays, it was very pleasing to see Tudur Jones have Female and Reserve Breed Champion at the Royal Welsh Show with a two year old Oxford Down ewe bought from here as a lamb.

23rd June 2014

Successful trips to Royal Bath and West and Royal Three Counties Shows with two yearling heifers.   GORSE USEFUL (see photograph above) winning the Junior Heifer class at both with GORSE UMBRELLA standing second to her at Three Counties where the judge reported "The highlight of the day for me was the Junior heifer class, eleven heifers forward, what a spectacle when they entered the ring, (see photograph below, GORSE pair extreme left)  my 1st place was given to Gorse Useful from Messrs JS & JW Brigg, a good long heifer with good locomotion, followed very closely by another heifer from the Brigg family, Gorse Umbrella.    Gorse Useful went on to be Female Champion and Best Junior Heifer.The pairs class was first JS & JW Brigg."   

Yearling heifer class Three Counties

Gorse Useful, Female and Reserve Breed Champion at Royal Three Counties Show 2014

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